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Participation Guidelines for Performática 2012


Performática: Foro Internacional de Danza Contemporánea y Artes de Movimiento will take place from April 9th to 15th, 2012.The event will be lodged in the Fundación Universidad de las Américas Puebla, and surrounding areas in the city of Cholula, Puebla, México.

Performática 2012 has four main areas of activity: Workshop, Performance, Creation Intensive, and Laboratory. The goal of this year’s forum is the facilitation of engaged dialogue and collaboration between artists of all media with an interest in reflecting on the basic importance of their relationship to the movement arts.

About the ways in which you may participate in Performática 2012

Participation in Performática is free for everyone, never-the-less, due to space and safety concerns, as well as to support the depth of interaction, and encourage a richer exchange in this year's event, we must limit participation for workshops, creation intensives, and laboratories. To participate in labs, creation intensives, and workshops you must apply for a space and be selected, before you will be able to register. We acknowledge that this idea may seem exclusive, but we are choosing this approach in order to conserve diversity and address the above mentioned concerns. We are hoping to gather a varied group embodying different histories with the movement arts, general aesthetic interests, and socio-cultural backgrounds.

Because of these limitations, there exist two modes in which you can participate in Performática 2012:

1) As a participant in workshops, creation intensives, and laboratories.

2) Attending performances, talks, parties, and gatherings which don not require a previous application. (For more information on performances and schedules please check back for the final programming calendar at the end of March).

About Participation in Workshops, Creation Intensives, and Laboratories

Submitting an application to participate in workshops and labs, implies that you are committed to attend the entire event April 9th through 15th, 2012. Once selected you may register for available spots in workshops and laboratories. Participation in Creation Intensives will be determined during an audition on Monday the 9th of April. Please note that, due to limitations in space and the nature of the intensive working process, not everyone will be able to participate in Creation Intensives.

Workshops and Labs are structured in 3 blocks. 2 workshop blocks in the morning and 1 lab block in the afternoon. You may register in 1 workshop per block and 1 lab per block. In regards to the labs – each one will meet three days during the week, you are expected to attend the three sessions per lab. Workshops and Labs will be co-facilitated by more than 50 guest artists from USA, México, Honduras, Switzerland, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Ireland. These artists were selected through an application process which took place from September thru December 2011.

Conditions for Participation

In order to optimize the potential of the gathering, to participate in the labs and workshops of Performática 2012 applicants must be able to commit to attending the entire forum (7 days and 6 nights. Monday morning through-Sunday afternoon). 

What We Can Offer

For participants who are selected we offer:

    • Learning and Performance Opportunities
    • Access to the labs, as well all roundtables, workshops, performances, and discussions
    • A supportive environment for formal and informal exchange

What We Cannot Offer

Stipends (financial assistance) for transportation, housing, performing, etc.

Should you have any questions about matters relating to your participation - please get in touch with the Performática team though the contact page.


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