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Artists Line Up Performática 2016

Daniel Jiménez
Musical therapy session

Cinthia Pérez Navarro
Allusions to gravity

Sandra Bernal
Rooting practice

Mayra Gracida Lome
Improvisation and exploration of alternative spaces

Emmanuel Hernández García
Organic Combat

Irma Juana Olmedo Castellanos
The Body and the Stage

Muuval Investigación de Movimiento (MIM)
Contact Improvisation for the stage

SOMA, Anatomía en movimiento
Contact Improvisation

Cintia Sefirelly
From Big Bang to Big Crunch

Melanie Maar
Familiar Organs and Forces

Andrea Vázquez Aguirre
Polar Constellations: A conceptual frame to embody contrasting states of presence

Julie Rothschild
Alexander Technique

Zap McConnell
Site specific improvisation and colaboration

Jeff Wallace
Contact across Borders / contact with boundaries - an all-levels Contact Improvisation class

Consta Montero
Divided Senses

Óscar Oliveros Celallos
Acrobatic Movement

Pedro Nuñez
My body, my voice

Irasema Serrano
Communicative Bodies

David Silva Carreto
Physical Theater

Lisa Kusanagi
Sensorial Practice

Patty L. Solórzano
Technique and Improvisation: An integrated Approach to Contemporary Movement

Susannah Simpson
Moving with Pleasure and TALK TOUCH MOVE WRITE

Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp
Flying with Ease: Contemporary Dance

Cameron McKinney
Loft Technique - Contemporary Hip-Hop & Floorwork

Renee Murray
Modern Technique

Object / creation - Creating with an object

Olivia M Orozco

Daniel Bear Davis
Axis Syllabus and the Endless Web

Elvira Ruiz Vivanco
Dramaturgy / Choreographic Creation

Gisela Olmos and Inti Santa María
Stage vocabulary

Ana Patricia Farfán Briseño
See me with your hands

La Colmena
Trust: approach, contact and collective scenic creation element

Iván Esquinca Yañez
Bodies' Resonance. Listening-movement-voice-trace

Proyecto TAXI (Danza Puerta a Puerta)
Breaking words, breaking boundaries / a composition laboratory

Ambar Luna Quintanar and Jean Paul Carstensen
[Re-Post]: Meeting devices

Rose Pasquarello and Tanja London
Performance and Activism: Collecting methods for a critical performance practice

Patty Solorzano and Efrén Cruz
Eco-Dance Improvisations

Chicken Bank Collective
A Performative Binnacle

Kjerstin Lysne Palasthy and Heather Doyle
Burn It Down: Preparation for Performance Arson

Rebecca Bryant and Daniel Davis
Fascia & The Ever-Shifting Collective

Peter Sciscioli
Voice as Movement Lab

Caroline Brethenoux (CB+)
REDEFINING BOUNDARIES: From Improvisation to choreographic composition

Artists presenting performances

Paola Méndez Hernández
Erika Zayareth Rodríguez Brash
Daniel Jiménez
Cinthia Pérez Navarro
Ana Gabriela Carrera Santillana
Consta Montero
Gisela Olmos and Inti Santa María
Ana Patricia Farfán
Proyecto TAXI (Danza Puerta a Puerta)
Iván Esquinca
Irasema Serrano
David Silva
Pedro Nuñez
Lisa Kusanagi
Tanja London
Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp
The Chicken Bank Collective
Patty Solórzano and Efrén Cruz
Amelia Tarpey, Tobin Walters, Marissa Hutton, Santiago Quintana, and Claire Arich
Melanie Maar and Christian Schröder
Andrea Vázquez
Audrey Laviolette
Kjerstin Lysne Palasthy and Heather Doyle
Cameron McKinney
Renee Murray
Rebecca Bryant and Daniel Bear Davis
Peter Sciscioli
La Colmena Danza Contemporánea
Olivia Mía Orozco
Ambar Luna Quintanar and Jean Paul Carstensen
Gina Battistich

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